Which Is The First Tobacco Free District In Kerala?

Which district is the largest producer of sugarcane in Kerala?

One of the existing sugarcane cultivation in Central Travancore is in Nariyapuram….NariyapuramCountryIndiaStateKeralaDistrictPathanamthittaTalukasKozhencherry18 more rows.

Which district is the largest producer of cashew nut in Kerala?

Kannur is the leading producer of cashew nuts in Kerala, whereas Ernakulam leads in pineapple production, Kasargod in rubber production and Thiruvananthapuram is the information technology hub of Kerala.

Which district in Kerala produce garlic?

Idukki districtGarlic, an important foreign exchange earner of India is produced mostly in the states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Kerala it is grown commercially in two unique rain shadow pockets, Kanthalloor and Vattavada regions of Devikulam block of Idukki district.

Which is the first anti tobacco district in Kerala?

Koolimadu is a village in Chathamangalam Gram panchayat in the Kozhikode district, state of Kerala, India. This village is known as India’s first anti-tobacco village.

Which is the first tobacco free village in Kerala?

KoolimaduKoolimadu is the 1st tobacco free village in india. Situated in Calicut district, state of kerala.

Which district in Kerala produce tobacco?

KasaragodKasaragod is the largest producer of Tobacco in Kerala, whereas Kannur is famous for cashew-nut, Ernakulam is famous for pineapple and Thrissur has high cultivation of paddy.

Which is the first tobacco free village in India?

GariphemaKohima: Gariphema village in Nagaland has been declared the country’s first “tobacco-free village”.

Which of the following has been declared as country first tobacco free village?

Nagaland21. Country’s first tobacco-free village in Nagaland. The Times of India. June 1, 2014.