When A Post Is Hidden From Timeline On Facebook Will It Still Show Up On Home Feed Of My Friends And Followers?

How do I hide Facebook posts from public?

To use this tool:Click “V” at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Settings.Select Privacy from the left menu.Under the Who can see my stuff.

section, click Limit the audience for posts I’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?Click Limit Old Posts..

What is hide from news feed?

New Facebook ‘Hide from Timeline’ option allows you to just post in News Feed. … When posting a status update from the News Feed, a new check box appears that says “Hide From Your Timeline.” Clicking the box will mean your post will only show up in the News Feed and search results.

What does it mean when something is hidden from your timeline?

This means that anything you post using the new “Hide From Your Timeline” feature will appear only in the News Feed, and not directly on your profile page. Statuses you post using this feature will, however, still be visible in search results. Just, y’know, something to keep in mind.

Can you unhide a post from your timeline?

For Desktop & Android/iOS. Facebook lets you hide a particular post from your timeline and then bring it back later. … If you wish to learn how to unhide a comment on Facebook, check out our article on how to hide comments on Facebook & Instagram.

Is it better to remove tag or hide from timeline?

If you don’t want something you’re tagged in to appear on your timeline, you’ll need to remove the tag. When you remove a tag, the post will no longer appear on your timeline. However, that post is still visible to the audience it’s shared with in other places on Facebook, such as News Feed and search.

How do I hide posts from one person on Facebook Timeline?

At the bottom of your Update Status box, click on the menu next to the Post button. Select Custom from the drop down menu. Type the names of the people you want to exclude in the These people or lists box in the Hide this from section.

Why can’t I see posts on my timeline?

Posts by your friends will not appear on Timeline if: They are currently on your Timeline hidden list. You are (or were) blocked by them. Their Share settings for Timeline are set to Excluded.

How do you tell if someone is hiding their posts from you on Facebook?

By simply searching “Photos of” with the name of the person you want to search, you can see any image they are tagged in, even if they hid it from their feed.

Where do hidden timeline posts go?

How to unhide a Facebook post on desktopOpen Facebook in a web browser.Click your name in the blue bar at the top of the window to show your timeline.In your cover photo, click “Activity Log.” … On the Activity Log page, click “Hidden From Timeline” in the pane on the left.More items…•

How do I hide posts from news feed?

Hide All Posts From a SourceGo to your Facebook News Feed and navigate to the shared post you don’t want to see.Select the three dots that appear in the top right corner of the post.Select Hide all from [source name]. You’ll no longer see content from that source on your News Feed.

How do I get my hidden posts back on Facebook Timeline 2020?

You can unhide posts that you’ve hidden from your Timeline in your Activity Log:Go to your profile and click “View Activity Log”Click “Posts you’ve hidden” on the left side. … Use the years on the right to help you navigate your Activity Log.More items…

How do I stop my likes appearing on friends news feed?

To do that they can hover their pointer over your name or go to your profile/timeline, then move to the Subscribed button, and uncheck “Comments and Likes”. Of course, they will still see your comments and likes on posts that they would see anyway in their News Feed, just not a separate story about them.