What Is Medial To The Ears?

What is the medial?

Medial: 1.

Pertaining to the middle; in or toward the middle; nearer the middle of the body.

Medial is as opposed to lateral.

For example, the medial side of the knee is the side closest to the other knee whereas the lateral side of the knee is the outside of the knee..

Are eyes inferior to the brain?

Inferior: means the part is below another or towards the feet (caudal). Anterior: means towards the front (the eyes are anterior to the brain) – [ventral].

Is the big toe lateral or medial?

The phalanx bones of the toe join to the metatarsal bones of the foot at the interphalangeal joints. [Outside the hallux bones is skin, and present on all five toes is a toenail. The toes are, from medial to lateral: The first toe, also known as the hallux (“big toe” or “great toe”), the innermost toe.

Is the nose medial to the cheek?

The central face region contains the nose, cheeks, and ears. The nose is a midline structure that protrudes from the face. … The cheeks are lateral to the nose.

What does lateral mean in medical terms?

Lateral means to the side of, or away from, the middle of the body. Examples: The ears are lateral to the nose. The arms are lateral to the chest.

Is medial left or right?

Medial and lateral: Medial refers to being toward the midline of the body or the median plane, which splits the body, head-to-toe, into two halves, the left and right. Lateral is the side of the body or part of the body that is away from the middle.

Is dorsal a top or bottom?

Dorsal means the back side or upper side, while ventral means the frontal or lower side. These are mostly used with animal anatomy, but can be used in human anatomy as long as they are describing the side of an appendage.

Is the heart medial to the lungs?

The heart is medial to the lungs.

What are medial letters?

Linguistics. A medial sound or letter is one that is found in the middle of a larger unit (like a word) Syllable medial, a segment located between the onset and the rime of a syllable.

Which finger is the smallest?

In the human hand the middle finger is the longest, the thumb is the shortest, and the little finger is the next shortest.

What is medial in the body?

Medial means toward the middle or center. It is the opposite of lateral. The term is used to describe general positions of body parts. For example, the chest is medial to the arm.

Is thumb medial or lateral?

For humans, the arms are in anatomical position when hanging at the sides of the body, palms forward, and the legs are in anatomical position in a normal standing posture, feet side by side. This means that the pinky side of the wrist is medial, and the thumb side is lateral.

Is the knee proximal or distal to the ankle quizlet?

The hips are superior/inferior to the shoulders. The shoulders are medial/lateral to the spine. The knee is distal/proximal to the ankle.

Are ears medial to eyes?

A lateral orientation is a position away from the midline of the body. … A medial orientation is a position toward the midline of the body. An example of medial orientation is the eyes, which are medial to the ears on the head.

What are the 4 body planes?

The anatomical planes are four imaginary flat surfaces or planes that pass through the body in the anatomical position. They are the median plane, sagittal planes, coronal (frontal) planes and horizontal (transverse) planes (figure 2).

What does distal mean in anatomy?

Distal refers to sites located away from a specific area, most often the center of the body. … The thumb is distal to the wrist. Distal is the opposite of proximal. Distal refers to distance, while proximal indicates proximity.

Is the knee distal to the foot?

The knee is proximal to the foot. Moving distally from the hip brings you to the thigh. The foot is distal to the knee.

Is thumbs lateral in anatomical position?

All of these terms are relative to a standard anatomical position, which for humans is standing upright, facing with the feet pointing forward, the palms of the hands facing forward, and the thumbs pointed laterally (see Figures 2.8 and 2.9 and Table 2.2). … Anatomical planes of reference and directions.

What does abducted thumb mean?

Abduction: Movement of the thumb away from the second metacarpal. ( Kaplan, 1984) This definition accommodates both palmar abduction as well as radial abduction. (

What is located medial to the ears?

This is the midline. Medial means towards the midline, lateral means away from the midline. Examples: The eye is lateral to the nose. The nose is medial to the ears.

What is medial and lateral?

Medial – toward the midline of the body (example, the middle toe is located at the medial side of the foot). Lateral – away from the midline of the body (example, the little toe is located at the lateral side of the foot).