What Is Another Word For Obfuscate?

What is the definition of egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence— Christopher Hitchens.

2 archaic : distinguished..

How do you use the word egregious?

Egregious sentence examplesEgregious errors were caused by the tablet’s failure to check spelling. … It was the most egregious act the government has ever perpetrated. … The egregious mistake these couples made was not spending enough time seriously planning for a lifetime together in marriage.More items…

What is obfuscated VPN?

Obfuscation is a technology that a lot of privacy protection tools – such as VPNs or Tor – use. … When you hear the term obfuscated VPN servers, it means that these servers can achieve obfuscation. Obfuscation can also be used to bypass VPN blockers.

How does code obfuscation work?

Code Obfuscation is the process of modifying an executable so that it is no longer useful to a hacker but remains fully functional. While the process may modify actual method instructions or metadata, it does not alter the output of the program.

What does perplexing mean?

: difficult to understand : causing confusion A perplexing feature of insomnia is that people seem to overestimate their sleep loss.—

What is the word obfuscate mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to throw into shadow : darken. b : to make obscure obfuscate the issue officials who …

What is the antonym for obfuscate?

What is the opposite of obfuscate?clarifyilluminatecalmclearsharpendetailexpoundunfogunclouddefine47 more rows

What’s another word for pertaining?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pertain, like: relate to, refer, refer to, relate, belong to, belong, regard, have to do with, relevant, concern and appertain.

What is the antonym for taciturn?

What is the opposite of taciturn?loquacioustalkativegarrulousforthcomingopenoutgoingunreservedblabbyconversationalgabby101 more rows

What is egregious behavior?

In a legal context, the term egregious refers to actions or behaviors that are staggeringly bad, or obviously wrong, beyond any reasonable degree. The term is commonly used to describe conduct of a person, whether a party to a legal action, an attorney or other legal professional, or the court.

What does pertaining to mean in medical terms?

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does pertaining to mean in medical terminology? to have reference or relation; relate: documents pertaining to the lawsuit. to belong or be connected as a part, adjunct, possession, or attribute.

How do you undo obfuscation?

If you have Google Chrome, open the web page that has the JavaScript you are trying to decrypt. Press F12 to open Developer Tools inside Chrome. Now switch to the Scripts tab, right-click and choose De-obfuscate source. That’s it!

What is another word for superfluous?

Synonyms & Antonyms of superfluousexcess,extra,redundant,spare,supererogatory,supernumerary,surplus.

What does vituperative mean?

: uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse. Other Words from vituperative Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about vituperative.

What does the word scurrilous mean?

1a : using or given to coarse language. b : vulgar and evil scurrilous imposters who used a religious exterior to rob poor people— Edwin Benson.

How do you use the word obfuscate in a sentence?

She was criticized for using arguments that obfuscated the main issue. They are obfuscating the issue, as only insurance companies can. He obfuscated the problem we argued. The writer often obfuscates the real issues with petty details. Politicians have once again obfuscated the issue.More items…•

What is another word for egregious?

Synonyms & Antonyms of egregiousblatant,conspicuous,flagrant,glaring,gross,obvious,patent,pronounced,More items…

What does disparaging mean?

: meant to belittle the value or importance of someone or something : serving or intended to disparage someone or something a disparaging term/word … disparaging comments from ordinarily sane and sympathetic critics …—

How do you use obfuscate?

Although the verb obfuscate can be used in any case where something is darkened, less clear, or more obscure, it is most frequently used in reference to things like ideas, facts, issues, or the truth. The usual implied meaning is that this obfuscation is done deliberately.

What is a antonym for vicariously?

vicarious. Antonyms: personal, self-performed.

What’s the meaning of pertaining?

intransitive verb. 1a(1) : to belong as a part, member, accessory, or product. (2) : to belong as an attribute, feature, or function the destruction pertaining to war.