Quick Answer: Is Con A Suffix?

Is Con Latin or Greek?

The prefix com-/con- comes from Latin meaning “with” or “together.” The prefix pan- comes from Greek meaning “all.” In this worksheet, students will use each of these prefixes to create five different English words out of those given in the word bank..

Is friendly a suffix?

As a suffix, friendly means “not harmful” or “suitable for”.

What words have the prefix con?

Pages in category “English words prefixed with con-“concause.concelebrant.concelebrate.concelebration.concenter.concentering.concentre.concentric.More items…

Is dangerous a suffix?

‘Dangerous’ means ‘full of danger’. When you add -ous to a word ending with ‘e’, drop the ‘e’.

What is the suffix of taken?

-en 3. a suffix used to mark the past participle in many strong and some weak verbs: taken; proven.

Is Ly a suffix?

a suffix forming adverbs from adjectives: gladly; gradually; secondly. a suffix meaning “every,” attached to certain nouns denoting units of time: hourly; daily. …

What are the 10 examples of prefix?

10 Examples of PrefixesSub- Definition: under. Example Sentence: He has never seen a blue submarine in the my life.Post- Definition: postgraduate. … Auto- Definition: self. … Un- Definition: not. … Semi- Definition: half. … Mis- Definition: Wrong, wrongly. … Dis- Definition: Not, opposite of. … Re- Definition: Again.More items…

What is a suffix for avoid?

Suffix for avoid or allow. ANCE.

What is suffix of fear?

Explanation: To begin with the suffix -phobia immediately tells you that you are dealing with a fear. So, “anglophobia” is fear of the English. … To solve this analogy you need to determine what “androphobia” is the fear of.

Whats does suffix mean?

Suffixes are a letter or group of letters added to the ending of words to change their meaning or function. These useful, shapeshifting tools can be as small as -s, and -ed, or can be larger additions such as -ation, and -ious.

What is the prefix for the word friendly?

prefix with “friendly”Prefix with “friendly”ECOWord with friendly or feeUSER39 more rows

IS ANTI a root word?

The origin of the prefix anti- and its variant ant- is an ancient Greek word which meant “against” or “opposite.” These prefixes appear in numerous English vocabulary words, such as antifreeze, antidote, antonym, and antacid.